Terms & Conditions


-All of Nature’s Purpose food items have set cooking temperatures and seasonings, which can not be changed.

-Our shared commercial kitchen facility is not certified Gluten-Free and cross contamination may or may not occur.

-We are not responsible for any food allergies or dietary restrictions, as all of our ingredients for each food items is listed on our website.



-We are not liable for any lost/stolen meal packages. 

-We are not liable for any spoiled food once meals have been delivered, as they need to be refrigerated within 1-2 hours upon delivery.



-There are no exchanges for food items/meals.

-Refunds will be given for meals if there is a company error (Ex: the wrong food item in your meal, or if the package was delivered to the wrong address and unable to be retrieved and delivered correctly)

-There will be no refunds for reasons other than company error (Ex: dislike of a food item that was ordered)