Common questions about the product
Are Nature's Purpose meals "food allergy" friendly?
How many ounces of food is included in each Nature's Purpose meal?
Does Nature's Purpose offer any vegetarian options?
How long are Nature's Purpose meals good for?
More information on our spice levels.

Website & Ordering

Common questions about ordering & website functions
Does Nature's Purpose require a subscription?
How do I order Nature’s Purpose meals?
When do I need to order by?
My order won’t go through on the website.
I ordered but I don’t have a confirmation receipt.
I missed the order cutoff, can I still get my order this delivery cycle?
How do I make my order recurring?


Common questions about delivery
What are Nature's Purpose delivery fees + deliverable locations?
What is the difference between the "At home" delivery option vs. "Not at Home"?
Can Nature's Purpose deliver to my work?
What should I do with my old packaging and meal containers?


More questions we would like to answer
Does Nature's Purpose offer anything for referrals?
I’d love to leave a review! Where can I do that?
Does Nature's Purpose offer any discounts?
How do I redeem my Purpose Points?